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Growth and Success

It's only natural that you will have questions about to becoming a United States Seamless® franchisee. Whatever questions you may have that are not addressed in this section can be answered by contacting us. A United States Seamless representative will be happy to assist you.

Will United States Seamless® help me with financing?

United States Seamless® will assist in the financing of the equipment. We will also speak with your lender, SBA, answering any questions they may have.

How do I create a demand for seamless steel siding in my area?

We will help you formulate a marketing plan designed to generate leads and elicit immediate responses. Effectively marketing around job-sites, to past customers, and neighborhood mailings with a reasonable marketing effort can really help you jump start your business. We will assist you with getting your name in the yellow pages, locating potential builder shows and state & county fairs. In addition to all of these, it is important to build a strong referral program, be consistent in your image, value your reputation, and be socially responsible within your community. Trucks, trailers, clothing and promotional media should all reflect the United States Seamless image in your marketing area. Our marketing department is here to help you grow your business.

What about territories?

We will assist you in determining your marketing area. The following areas need to be considered; number of households, competitive factors, and growth potential.

What type of training is provided by United States Seamless®?

Keeping in mind that the quality of the finished product is the foundation of any successful business, United States Seamless® will not sell a seamless siding machine without training your staff to adjust the machine to produce a perfect siding panel. We also provide an Advanced Applicator Training and Sales Training Programs.

What marketing support can I expect?

We will provide you with a United States Seamless Starter Kit, which is designed specifically for new franchisees. This kit is filled with promotional items, color samples, videos, sales tools, photographs, etc., and is designed to give you a sample of everything that is available to you, so when you get back home to your New United States Seamless franchise, you've got everything you'll need at your fingertips to get started. A news release will also be prepared for you to distribute to your local media. You will also have access to the "Current Franchisees" section in our web-site, where you will have access to media resources & up to date information relating to the franchise. Please refer to the Franchise Benefits Section for more information.

This website does not constitute the offer of a franchise. A franchise offering can only be made by a Franchise Disclosure Document that has been registered with the applicable state agency (if required), and delivered to the prospective franchisee in compliance with pre-sale franchise disclosure laws.