Growth and Success

Advanced TrainingUnited States Seamless offers three different training courses to better prepare your installer crews and sales force to step into the seamless siding industry with confidence and pride in the fact they are selling and installing the best siding product on the market, for the #1 seamless siding company in America. They are your quality control department.

At United States Seamless no franchisee leaves our facility without an intensive three to five day training session for the entire installer crew that will be handling your seamless siding machine. Because of your commitment and the investment you have made, we want you to be assured your installation crew is fully trained in seamless siding application and seamless machine adjustments; we even test your installers to ensure proper machine adjustment to produce a perfect panel.

Advanced Applicator Training is held on a periodic basis and is intended for seamless installers who have been in the field and have hands-on experience in the installation of seamless steel siding. At our Advanced Applicator Training sessions your installers will meet with corporate application trainers and seamless siding machine assembly staff, learn about the cross-selling techniques, improve customer relation methods and hear guest speakers who are industry experts. They will also be able to share their ideas and techniques in round-table sessions. The intent of Advanced Applicator Training is to provide your installers with a well-rounded information session, better preparing them for field situations and improving your bottom line through increased efficiencies and expanded sales. After completing this course your installers are certified seamless steel siding applicators — they even receive a certificate to prove it!

How do you train a sales person who knows it all? Put them in a room full of fellow seamless siding sales experts and provide leading industry speakers along with a moderator to control the conversation and the results can be startling. We encourage informal discussions where everyone can communicate what is working for them and what is not. In-home sales methods, calculating take-offs and how to improve them, and inexpensive marketing methods a sales person can do on one's own. These training sessions are not tightly structured; the session leader can mold each individual session to meet the needs of the majority of sales trainees. This flexibility allows the hottest topics to be discussed in detail.

With the purchase of a United States Seamless® Franchise, you will receive an 80 minute video taped demonstration of the proper use of doing an in-home sales presentation using the United States Seamless Pitch Book & Atteche Case. At United States Seamless our training philosophy is simple; superior people and superior training provides your customer with a superior product.

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